Supply a smile dental program

Contact: 585-615-8576

Dental Screening: 1st Saturday of every month (September-May)


Canandaigua Primary School Cafeteria

West Gibson St., Canandaigua (click here for directions)


9 am- 10 am

Come early! First come, first served.

We are able to assist up to 20 people each month.

Free dental services to individuals who are not covered by insurance or Medicaid.

Dental services provided are:

Fillings, extractions and cleanings.

The process for care begins with a visit to CCIA's monthly Supply a Smile screening at the Canandaigua Primary School cafeteria. Each patient goes through a brief health screening including a blood pressure reading.  Then they receive a dental examination to determine the route of care needed.  The patient will then be responsible to call and schedule their appointment with the dentist we refer them to.

We are thankful to the local dentists, hygienists, and volunteers for their kindness, generosity, and donation of their time to Supply a Smile's program.

14 churches in our region have joined forces to truly be the hands of Christ working together to address the unmet physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors in the greater Canandaigua community.  Together, we provide direct services such as food, health care, dental care; as well as advocacy and education to those that are in need.