Drive-In Church

Honk Honk!

Church is outside and we invite you to join the fun!

Every Sunday at 10am we meet in our parking lot at 5188 Bristol Rd. for our service.     

You're welcome to arrive anytime after 9:30am for coffee and donuts that are available during the service. 

We use a colored sticker code that our parking attendants full explain upon arrival.

This system communicates your comfort level as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • RED: "I am not okay with any physical contact."

  • YELLOW: "I am okay with some physical contact but check with me first." (i.e. elbow bump)

  • GREEN: "I am okay with physical contact, including hugs."

A full band will lead us in worship and our Pastor will bring the message.

Also we will have a place for your kids too! Click here to learn more.

Pro Tips

  • Bring a lawn chair if you plan on not sitting in your car.

  • Bring sunglasses, a hat or umbrella.

  • Honk if you like a point our pastor makes!(We like to have fun)

  • Make sure you grab some coffee & donuts!

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