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Pearls of the Kingdom 2/7/24

Stay with me again this week as I sense there is something more for us to understand using the picture of the orchestra from last week. It is not uncommon as we look at the scriptures to see how something that occurs in the natural is used to help us understand a spiritual truth. At the end of the day you may say, well Pastor Jeff, I think you just had a bad reaction to something you ate last night. But can you open your heart to hear what the spirit might be saying?

Have you ever experienced a “One man Band” or “One man Orchestra”? As I was thinking of this, my only thought took me back in time to 1964. For some, you may also recall the character Bert played by Dick Van Dyke in the movie Mary Poppins.

I have never been to an auditorium to hear an orchestra play. I have seen a few pictures and I do not think the orchestra was meant to be a “one man band.”  How might you feel after paying for your ticket and taking your seat that the curtain opens with no musicians on stage? The only person standing there is the conductor. You might be thinking that the rest of the musicians will make a grand entrance very shortly. 

The conductor welcomes you to this evening performance. He lifts his baton and then he starts running. Can you picture the conductor running to play the percussion instruments? Then running to play the string instruments? Then running to play the woodwind instruments? Then running to play the brass instruments? I trust you have the picture of the “one man” orchestra. 

Giving your review of the evening’s performance you may say that, this was very different, didn’t expect that to happen. However, the conductor could have done a better job, run a bit faster as his timing was way off. Towards the end he seemed tired and a bit winded on those “brass instruments”. We can give one positive review, in that the conductor did not stumble, trip, fall or knock over any stands or instruments. 

“An orchestra creates its best sound when the many diverse musicians come together to play their part under the direction of the conductor!”

Now, Consider this thought with me: “The church is not meant to be a one man band”

I do not think that the church was meant to be a “one man band.”  Stay with me here. Perhaps for some churches it has become this. The Pastor does everything. Running here, running there to meet all the diversity of needs. Attending planning meetings, vision meetings, finance meetings, outreach meetings, prayer meetings, fitting in hospital visits between meetings.

The church, like an orchestra with its many diverse, talented musicians does its best, plays its best when each member plays their part, does their part. Together the church creates a beautiful sound (symphony), serving one another in love and humility. When you have a beautiful symphony others will want to come to hear the sound. 

Can I encourage you this week when you come to church, come ready to serve, contribute your part, play your part. Its not about who has the biggest part but that you play your part when it is time. Together, we play a beautiful sound, a "symphony" that is pleasing to our God. May He receive all the Glory.

Eph 4:16 “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.”

Pastor Jeff

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