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Zion Fellowship Training School

ZFTS will be starting a new class titled "The Gospel of Mark"

The class will be at 6-730pm on Sunday Evenings

It will begin 24th of April. This class is akin to a "seminary-level" class regarding the Gospel of Mark.


The work outside of the group includes reading a chapter of the Gospel of Mark each week, followed by watching a video between 30-55 minutes each before class and finally reading and working through the participant guide given to everyone before the start of the class via email.


The class time itself will be meant not strictly for a classroom setting but a hybrid between a class and group discussion using the participant guide as a roadmap each week.


The class also seeks to challenge its participants in prayer, outreach, and sharing their experience walking through Mark as well as what the Holy Spirit has shown during this time and potential opportunities to practice what has been learned with friends, family and fellowship.

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